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Courtney Dortch-Pickens is the owner/therapist of From Me To You Massage Therapy, LLC and is here for all of your therapeutic massage needs. She is licensed by the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy and nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She has over 3000 accredited hours of training as a 14 year Licensed Massage Therapist and graduate from Blue Cliff Career College. She is well-versed in a variety of massage disciplines. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration from the University of South Alabama while setting records as a member of the Jaguar track and field team.

Did You Know...massage therapy can:

  • Decrease stress

  • Increase circulation

  • Bring oxygen and nutrients to tissues

  • Decrease fatigue

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Improve sleep

  • Release endorphins

  • Help conserve energy

Benefits of an on-site chair massage include:

  • Improve job satisfaction

  • Reduce team stress and encourage relaxation and cooperation

  • Increase moral and company pride

  • Reduce the high cost of employee turnover

  • Reduce sick time and absenteeism

  • Give employees a feeling of being acknowledge and appreciated

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