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We're in the business of helping you feel and do your best! Don't just listen to us, read what our clients are saying about us!

Increasing Athletic Performance

"I've had several appointments with Courtney. They included deep tissue and sports massage during my off season training, and was really impressed with my results. As a professional athlete who pushes his body to the limit daily, I appreciate her taking the time to focus on the areas I needed worked out. Although I come to her regularly, she makes sure I leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to perform at my best after just one session. I definitely recommend her to any athletes here in Mobile, or anybody looking to push themselves to the next level!"


Winnipeg, CA

"Thank you for keeping me active Courtney. With max effort weightlifting, I continuously have aches and muscle imbalances that she works miracles on. She tailors each massage to my specific need to get me back to competing !" 


Pensacola, FL

A Therapist Who Cares

"Going to Courtney is like therapy with a friend. She starts wanting to know how you are doing, then heraldic hands relieves your aches and pains. She ends with a cold drink of water and a smile. I love her smile! I leave feeling like I have been with a good friend who alleviates pain and suffering. She is a blessing to me!"


Mobile, AL

"Courtney has been a great help to me through her massages and suggested stretches to alleviate problem areas. She is very professional, has a great touch and makes me feel that she genuinely cares about my health.  I highly recommend her."


Mobile, AL

"Courtney is the best Massage Therapist I have ever used. She is very knowledgeable.  As a Dentist, with back and neck issues, Courtney keeps me going. I also refer patients to her for TMJD treatment!''


Mobile, AL

Providing Pain Relief

" I had been dealing with severe lower back pain that had extended to my legs for a month. I had made an appointment with a chiropractor, while waiting on that appointment a friend suggested a massage session with Courtney. After one session with her, I'm no longer experiencing that pain. I cancelled my chiropractor appointment, but now schedule massage sessions regularly for my total well being and health. She is absolutely awesome and I would recommend her therapeutic services to anyone in need of relaxation."


Mobile, AL

"Courtney is the consummate professional. She's always upbeat and positive. Her sole intention during your session is to focus on your problem areas with the intensity you want. I would and have recommended her."


Fairhope, AL

"A massage from Courtney is amazing. I began going to Courtney for lower back pain and tension in the  shoulders. Since receiving massages from Courtney, my lower back has improved tremendously and the tension in my shoulders is almost nonexistent. If you need a massage just to relax or for any specific reason, Courtney is the right person to see."  


Gulf Port, MS

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